Brian Dekker Joins NCSEA 16th Annual Awards Jury

Brian Dekker (third on the right) with the NCSEA Awards Jury

The 2013 National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) Awards panel of judges included Brian among 8 other judges charged with evaluating outstanding recent projects both domestically and internationally. The panel, consisting of individuals from SEAOI, awarded 18 projects in 8 different categories including New Buildings under $10 Million to New Buildings over $100 Million. Winners will appear in the Spotlight Department of STRUCTURE magazine throughout the 2014 editorial year. A full list of winners is available at the following link.

Brian Dekker Co-Publishes Paper in Modern Steel Construction

Brian Dekker Co-Publishes Paper in Modern Steel Construction

With the 2010 edition of the AISC Code of Standard Practice updated to include a third connection design responsibility option, Brian Dekker and Monica Shripka provide a useful guide to the application of any of the 3 design options and provide useful tips for going through the design of any project. To follow more on AISC code visit the Modern Steel Construction Website. To read the full article go here.

Co-Authors of the Article Brian Dekker and Monica Shripka.

Brian Dekker and Monica Shripka.

Sound Structures Continue Strong Presence at IIT

“Between IIT’s crowded calendar of networking workshops, professional events, and career related development, it becomes clear that IIT is dedicated to improving students’ odds of getting a job during or immediately following graduation. There were two notable events in January, that both encouraged students to understand the reality of life after college that I would like to throw light upon….

…The SEA IIT (Structural Engineers Association of IIT) January presentation by Brian Dekker, the Director of the National Council of Structural Engineers Association and new President of Sound Structures, Inc. Mr. Dekker spent much of his presentation on the amazing benefits of a successful professional student organization, but made it clear that in order to succeed today you need to network as much as possible. Dekker claims he did not have the best grades in college, but he achieved the Highest Scholastic Achievement from his department upon graduation, for knowing the content and for getting to know his professors.

From a quirky story about falling asleep in class, Dekker explained how he became known to all of the Structural Engineering Professors at UIUC and how this helped him start his network as well as land his first job. Immediately after graduation, he was in high demand among professional engineers who had heard about his achievements and personality from his professors in school. He explained that because of this network, it took him only 7 years to go from being a student to the president of a structural engineering firm and onto the board of the National Structural Engineers Association. He iterated and reiterated what made his success possible in more or less the same words as the Architecture Alumni Panel: “it’s not always what you know, but who you know.”…”-Dan Zwieg, Tech News

For the full article about IIT’s spring events visit the Tech News website.

“Robert L. Miller Associates” officially Becomes “Sound Structures, Inc.”

Owner Robert L. Miller officially passed the management torch to long time employee Brian Dekker this year marking the beginning of a new era in RLMA history. The new name Sound Structures reflects both a new management as well as the revised mission statement to continue the high levels of service and expertise that RLMA worked to build for 29 years. Staff, office contact information, and office location will all remain as before, including keeping founder Bob Miller on staff in a Quality Control and Assurance role.


Troy L. Mase Joins RLMA


New employee Troy L. Mase joins RLMA following 4 years at Virgilio and Associates, Ltd. With extensive experience in design for both architects and cold-formed steel contractors, Troy provides valuable assets to the RLMA design team.

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