Franciscan Point

This 26,900 square foot health care facility was part of a great effort with architects, Design Organization, to develop a fast track submittal for the foundations and steel structure. The promptness allowed the project contractor to complete the building’s foundation before the ground froze in the winter.


IBEW Local 701 Building

We’re kicking off our new promotional videos with the IBEW local 701 building! This building won Sound Structures (RLMA) an institutional award of merit from Midwest Construction back in 2004!


SEAOI Awards Sound Structures Award of Merit for Lakeside Studio

SEAOI Awards Sound Structures Award of Merit for Lakeside Studio

Designed to be easily built within a residential garden, lakeside Studio has received recognition for the many simple yet innovative solutions packed into such a compact structure. From the unusual foundation to its cutting edge (pun intended) exterior, Lakeside Studio exemplifies designer/architect collaboration. For more information on SEAOI and the Annual Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards Competition visit the following link.

VOA Sullivan Station Awarded 2015 Charter Merit Award

VOA Sullivan Station Awarded 2015 Charter Merit Award

VOA Associates Inc. received an Award of Merit for the Sullivan Station Apartments which was part of a gentrification project in the south side of Chicago.  The project includes an 8-story building and 13 low-rise buildings.  Sound Structures served as the structural engineer of record for the low-rise buildings.  For more information on the Charter Awards and the winners visit the following website.




North Park University Achieves LEED Gold Status for G. Timothy Johnson Center for Science and Community Life

North Park University Achieves LEED Gold Status for G. Timothy Johnson Center for Science and Community Life

“Completed last year, the $45 million Johnson Center for Science and Community Life at North Park University was recently awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, which establishes criteria for the construction of sustainable buildings.

“We are very pleased to have been awarded LEED Gold,” said David Parkyn, President of North Park University. “The building is not only esthetically beautiful, but also functions efficiently and plays an important environmental role. That’s especially rewarding on our urban campus, and consistent with North Park’s mission as a Christian institution and stewards of the environment.”

Through its achievement of LEED Gold status, North Park University is able to provide the best environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors, while also minimizing waste, reducing toxins, lowering potential energy bills and operating costs, and achieving healthier indoor air quality.

“LEED Gold is an outstanding accomplishment and shows North Park University’s commitment to the environment,” said Susan Heinking, Vice President & Sustainability Leader at VOA Associates Inc., longtime architectural partners with the University.”

“Some of the sustainable features of the Johnson Center include: reducing heat island effect with green roofs and high albedo hardscapes; promoting alternative transportation methods; promoting ongoing building recycling; incorporating recycled and regional materials; promoting healthy indoor environment via low emitting materials. Sustainable design and construction of the Johnson Center also means increased air filtration, increased air ventilation; and occupant comfort is increased via thermal comfort measures and lighting controls. Additionally, the building produces 30% water savings, 26% energy savings, and 75% waste diverted.”- PR Newswire, Chicago Feb. 15, 2015

To read the full article on the North Park Universities Johnson Center visit the PR Newswire website. To learn more about the Johnson Center design visit VOA’s website here.

Brian Dekker Gives “Design for Disaster” Talk

Brian Dekker Gives “Design for Disaster” Talk

SEA and Sound Structure’s own Brian Dekker will present a “Design for Disaster” a short lecture on siesmic design using Brian’s own Lego shake table at the MTCC Welcome Center in Chicago for IIT. The talk will include a building competition where contestants will will prizes based on their lego building’s performance.

Brian Dekker Presented SEAOI’s Outstanding Young Engineer Award

Brian Dekker

In 2008, the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI) introduced an Outstanding Young Engineer Award to recognize a Young Engineer (aged 35 or younger) who is recognized by his or her peers for outstanding achievements in structural engineering. SEAOI members are invited to nominate their colleagues for this honor. Congratulations to this year’s recipients Brian Dekker and Christine Freisinger! For a full list of awards given by the Structural Engineers Association this year visit their website here.


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