Central Intermediate School


Charged with providing the community with quality education in a positive and inviting environment, Ottawa Central Intermediate School empowers students to become diverse and global lifelong learners.

Devry University

The addition  transitioned seamlessly  with the existing facilities and included a very symmetrical classroom layout. The cantilevered entrance canopy and feature entrance wall added the extra panache of modern architecture.


Lincoln Elementary School

Built with masonry bearing walls, steel joists, and light gauge roof trusses this educational facility is giving the next generation of leaders a safe and conducive environment to learn and grow.


Franciscan Point

This 26,900 square foot health care facility was part of a great effort with architects, Design Organization, to develop a fast track submittal for the foundations and steel structure. The promptness allowed the project contractor to complete the building’s foundation before the ground froze in the winter.


IBEW Local 701 Building

We’re kicking off our new promotional videos with the IBEW local 701 building! This building won Sound Structures (RLMA) an institutional award of merit from Midwest Construction back in 2004!


SEAOI Awards Sound Structures Award of Merit for Lakeside Studio

SEAOI Awards Sound Structures Award of Merit for Lakeside Studio

Designed to be easily built within a residential garden, lakeside Studio has received recognition for the many simple yet innovative solutions packed into such a compact structure. From the unusual foundation to its cutting edge (pun intended) exterior, Lakeside Studio exemplifies designer/architect collaboration. For more information on SEAOI and the Annual Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards Competition visit the following link.

VOA Sullivan Station Awarded 2015 Charter Merit Award

VOA Sullivan Station Awarded 2015 Charter Merit Award

VOA Associates Inc. received an Award of Merit for the Sullivan Station Apartments which was part of a gentrification project in the south side of Chicago.  The project includes an 8-story building and 13 low-rise buildings.  Sound Structures served as the structural engineer of record for the low-rise buildings.  For more information on the Charter Awards and the winners visit the following website.




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